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Penokie, George wrote:
> Hannes,
> The statement would have been more clear stated as:
> The user data segment referral descriptor (see table 10) is defined in the
user data segment referral sense data descriptor.
> The format of the user data segment referral descriptor that is used in the
REPORT REFERRALS parameter data is defined in table 10.
Thanks for your clarification.
There is actually another point wrt referrals:
The REPORT REFERRALS command allows you to specify up to 8 bytes of
allocation length.
Yet the parameter data returned allow you to specify only up to _2_
bytes for returned data (namely byte 2 & 3), with the top 2 bytes
remaining reserved.
Shouldn't those two numbers be aligned?
I would actually prefer to lower the size for the allocation length
to 4 bytes and raise the size for the parameter size to 4 bytes.
Otherwise the standard would impose quite a limitation on
the number of possible user segments, making it unusable for some
application scenarios.
Thanks for your time.
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