FCP-4: I_T Nexus Reset

Bob.Nixon at Emulex.Com Bob.Nixon at Emulex.Com
Wed Oct 27 14:11:17 PDT 2010

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Hi, Dave, I_T_NEXUS_RESET was invented to provide a function similar to Fibre
Channel LOGO for transports that did not have the concept of login/logout.
Out of respect for established transports that had login/logout, and for
which the equivalent TMF was irrelevant,  I_T_NEXUS_LOSS was specified as
optional to support.
I believe there is still no reason for FCP-x to support I_T_NEXUS_RESET;
however, FCP should make that a little more obvious.
I'd suggest adding a row to table 4 (Task management functions, SAM-4 to
I_T_NEXUS_RESET...Not Supported
The "Not Supported" statement should reference a table footnote
A Logical Unit that receives a "Report Supported Task Management Functions"
command (see SPC-4) and is aware that the command has been received via FCP
should set the ITNRS bit to zero in the reply, indicating the I_T NEXUS RESET
task management function is not supported.
-	   bob
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Subject: FCP-4: I_T Nexus Reset
FCP-4 letter ballot NetApp-001 states:
"This table maps SAM-4 functions to FCP-4 functions - but the SAM I_T NEXUS
RESET function is missing (table 7 seems to indicate that LOGO ELS has the
appropriate clearing effect)."
Other than this letter ballot comment I have received no requests to provide
I_T NEXUS RESET support in FCP-4.
Please respond with your preference to include I_T NEXUS RESET in FCP-4 or
not, along with your reasoning.

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