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Automation/Drive Interface - Commands - 3 (ADC-3) Rev 4 is in letter
ballot and available here:
The preferred format for letter ballot comments is an Adobe Acrobat .fdf
file.  If that option isn't available, text comments are acceptable
(please see the "Text Comments" section below).
Note that .fdf files can be merged together - the author information for
each comment will be retained.
When you place your vote, email the .fdf and/or .txt files to
lohmeyer at and paul.stone at
NOTE: The following is verbatim from the ADT-2 letter ballot.
Comments are welcome from anyone.  Send them to me and I'll include them
in my own comment set.
.FDF comments may be generated with Adobe Acrobat.  If Adobe Acrobat is
not available to you, and you wish to use Adobe Reader to create
comments, please contact me (paul.stone at  I will need to
provide you with a PDF which supports Adobe Reader comments.
In Edit/Preferences/Commenting, please turn off "Create new pop-ups
aligned to the edge of the document" and turn on "Copy selected text
into Highlight,
Cross-Out, and Underline comment pop-ups."
Please do not use the "Text Edits" tools.
Please use the following tools:
1. The highlighting tools
  a) Highlighter tool (yellow)
  b) Cross-Out Text tool (red)
  c) Underline Text tool (green)
These associate a comment with specific words. Acrobat seeds the
comment with the selected text, which you can edit.
Use Highlighter when you're suggesting a change. Format the comment
as "<selected text> s/b <new text>" (s/b = should be)
Use Cross-Out Text when you're suggesting complete removal. Format the
comment as "remove <selected text>".  If the selected text is huge,
replace the innards with "..."
Use Underline Text if you have overlapping comments; it's an alternate
to the Highlighter tool.
If you're trying to select a link (e.g. "(see Table 37)"), select
some text around the link along with the link.	If you manage to
comment just the link text itself, then clicking on it will follow
the link rather than open the comment box.
2. The drawing markup tools
  a) Rectangle tool
  b) Oval tool
  c) and others
These associate a comment with specific areas on the page.  Use
these to highlight parts of figures or large sections of text.
3. Commenting tools
  a) Note tool (yellow)(Post-It Note)
This creates an arbitrary comment on a page, not associated
with any particular text.
These guidelines apply to .FDF comments only.
The following information is _not_ necessary:
a) section number and name,
b) page numbers
c) editorial/technical
d) numbering of comments
If a comment applies to multiple sections, you can just place
one comment on the first occurrence and include all the
section numbers in the description.
If a comment is global, place it on any (preferably the first)
occurrence and add "Global":
    <substance of comment>
File/Export/Comments (Acrobat 5)
Comments/Export Comments/to File (Acrobat 7)
Comments/Export Comments to Data File (Acrobat 8)
Saves comments to a .fdf file.
Saves the .pdf file with comments.
Comments/Summarize Comments
Creates a .pdf of comments only (or accompanying the original document).
Always use "Sort By Page."
When submitting text comments, please provide the following information,
each on a new line:
1. Company - Submitter Initials (optional) - comment number
	e.g., "QTM-JS-001" for Quantum, John Smith's comment #1
2. Identify the PDF page number. This is the number displayed by Acrobat
as "68 / 164".	Please do not use the page number printed in the
3. Identify the section number.
4. Identify the figure or table.
5. Identify the paragraph/sentence or row/column to which the
   comment applies.
    PDF page 90
    6.5.2 Service discovery message
    Table 41 - Service discovery message
    Third row
    <substance of comment>
    PDF page 90
    6.5.2 Service discovery message
    First paragraph
    <substance of comment>
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