minutes of Sanitize proposal telecon

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Wed Nov 17 15:20:35 PST 2010

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A telecon was hosted by Gerry Houlder (Seagate) to review proposal 09-331
rev. 6, on Nov. 17, at 2:00 pm CST.
David Black (EMC)
Ralph Weber (ENDL)
Wayne Bellamy (HP)
Dan Colgrove (Hitachi GST)
George Penokie (LSI)
Chris Fore (NetApp)
Fred Knight (NetApp)
Truong Nguyen (Samsung)
Gerry Houlder (Seagate)
Jim Hatfield (Seagate)
Nedesan Narenthiran (STEC)
The group identified several editorial changes, none caused any major change
to technical content. However, the discussion of 10-241 suggested a
technical change that will spill over to the SCSI Sanitize command.
At 3:30 pm, review was started on 10-241 rev. 3 (SAT translation of
sanitize) and some attendees dropped out of the telecon. Two major changes
were identified with only a small percentage of the proposal being reviewed:
1) need to add changes to behavior for ATA POWER CHECK EXT command; and
2) desire to handle Failure Mode = 0 behavior as well as Failure Mode = 1
Item 2) will likely require the Failure Mode bit to be defined in the SCSI
SANITIZE CDB so that it can be passed through to the ATA command and it may
require SCSI to simulate the ATA "sanitize failed" behavior (where only
another Sanitize command is allowed). This behavior is new enough for SCSI,
involving new concept, that we considered making this behavior a new
proposal that will be a follow-on to the existing proposals.
Due to lack of progress on 10-241, the group requested a new telecon be set
up expressly to review 10-241. The requested time was Nov. 30, 2:00 pm CST,
lasting two hours. A separate email with details of this telecon will be
sent to the T10 reflector.

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