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In the process of incorporating 10-356r6 (SAM-5 and FCP-4: Management Logical
Units) I have encountered a problem that needs attention.
In the proposal the following statement is intended to describe what a
management logical unit does:
A management logical unit:
a) shall support access to management functionality;
b) shall not support access to stored data for the purpose of general data
storage; and
c) may support other features only for the purposes of device management.
The problem is that item be uses terms (specifically: stored data and general
data storage) that are not defined in SAM (or anywhere else in the SCSI
standards). That has to be resolved. I suggest item b) be rewritten as:
b) shall not manage I/O requests that require access to user data (see
SPC-4); and
A new revision of SAM-5 is on hold until this is resolved.
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