DIF2 non-32 byte CDB read question

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Fri May 21 12:08:09 PDT 2010

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Yes, you are correct in that the Application tag and Reference Tag will not
be checked in that situation.
On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 12:11 PM, scott taggart <taggart at taggarts.org>wrote:
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> Suppose I have a device formatted DIF2, ATO=1.  I do a write32 with
> arbitrary app and ref tags.  I later come back and do a read10, prot=0.
>  What is supposed to happen in the device with regard to the checking of
> app and ref tags?  Are they not tested because the "device does not have
> knowledge" of them as stated in the read10 footnotes?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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