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If you are attending the July T10 meetings in Colorado Springs and you plan
to share a room with your spouse (or other person not attending the T10
meetings), please read on.
The way the contract with the Hilton Antlers reads, the guest room rate is
$176 plus tax for 1 person in the room or 2 people if the second does not
attend the T10 meetings. In the (rare) case that 2 people share a room with
both people attending the T10 meetings, then the room rate is $206 plus tax.
When booking a room using the link, you should only show 1 adult
if you qualify for the $176 room rate. Otherwise, the web site assumes the
higher rate. If you have already booked at the wrong rate, the simplest way
to fix the problem is to cancel your first reservation and book a second
reservation at the correct rate.
As a reminder, the URL to make your reservations is:]LSI711]20100711/ind
and the cutoff date is June 11, 2010. Colorado Springs is a popular place
visit in July, so don't procrastinate!
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