Attempting to get Power Management out of the REQUEST SENSE business

Ralph Weber roweber at
Tue Mar 16 21:00:06 PDT 2010

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* Ralph Weber <roweber at>
I have completed a first draft of a proposal to address
the multiple polling uses of REQUEST SENSE. The proposal
has the following goals:
1) collect all the changes for this problem in one place
without any distracting sideshows; and
2) get Kevin's Power Management proposal out of the REQUEST
SENSE business, and thereby expedite approval of his changes.
The REQUEST SENSE document is available as:
Since I have been forced by other pressing work to upload
this proposal without careful review, it should be a sitting
duck for critiques and corrections. I expect to hear from
you all as soon as the SPL letter ballot closes (if not before).
Having slogged through this mud once already, Kevin should be
primed to out-shine his usual red-pencil efforts.
All the best,
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