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1.  I'd like to resolve the Mini SAS HD external pinout issues. Here is
information I received. I have verified that I did not get the pinouts
corrected properly and that error propogated to multiple figures. If
possible, I'd like to fix real time on the conference call.
Information received:
Some of the cable pinouts in the new spec. and there seem to be multiple
For the SAS HD to SAS HD external cable on page 101:
   - In the right column D1, D2, D3, and D4 are listed twice and D6, D7, D8,
   and D9 are missing.
   - In the left column B1 is listed twice.
   - We wonder if the top B1 should be B9 on the left column, and suspect
   that the right column should read, from top to bottom, D9, D8, D7, D6, D5,
   D4, D3, D2, D1.
   - Currently B8 is connected to D2, B7 is connected to D3, and B6 is
   connected to D4, and D9 and B9 are not connected at all.
 For the SAS HD to Mini SAS Hybrid external cable on page 105, A4 HD SAS
(Rx+1) is connected to B6 Mini SAS (TX-1) and A5 HD SAS (Rx -1) is connected
to B5 Mini SAS (Tx+1).	Is this right?
2.  In addition, any 12G updates or other topics may be covered. If
possible, please let me know in advance of the call.
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