10-068r2: Clarify LOAD, HOLD, RETEN bits

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Tue Jun 1 16:26:15 PDT 2010

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SSC-4 interested parties, I have uploaded what I believe is the current 
state of this proposal after the May face-to-face.  We all have an action 
item to discuss this with our teams to see if we can agree to any changes. 
 As you may recall, the proposal originally assumed the RETEN bit was 
always set to zero.  For those conditions where the RETEN bit is set to 
one, if Vendor A & Vendor B are listed as agreeing, then the author of the 
proposal has no objection to adopting that behavior.  There should be very 
few places that the author's company and vendor A and vendor B disagree.
Whomever cares about this behavior should review the proposal (the new 
tables the describe the behavior) and provide feedback by the beginning of 
SSC working group meeting in July.
2010/06/01 17:20:37 
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