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Tue Jan 19 14:41:24 PST 2010

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After voting at last week's meeting to accept the current letter ballot
comment resolution on ADT-2, a new item was brought to the working
group's attention yesterday.  We are considering having an ad hoc
teleconference on Wednesday, 27 January, from 8:00 to 8:30 PST to
consider the proposed change.
If you wish to attend, please advise Curtis Ballard
(curtis.ballard at and myself whether the proposed time is
acceptable to you.  When we have a quorum, Curtis will announce the
teleconference information via the T10 reflector.
The proposed change is to clause 4.7, which fails to mention that a
Device Reset IU can cause a hard reset.  It currently reads:
A hard reset is a response to a power on condition or optionally a
Reseta event (see table 8). The target port's response to a 
hard reset shall include initiating the equivalent of a logical unit
reset for all logical units as described in SAM-3.
Proposed text:
A hard reset is a response to:
  a) a power on condition;
  b) a Reseta event (see table 8); or
  c) a Device Reset IU.
The target port's response to a hard reset . . . 
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