Query regarding Start SL_IR Receiver confirmation

Pooja Gupta poojagupta307 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 04:22:42 PST 2010

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I have a doubt:
Referring to spl-r07.pdf, Section no. * SP12:SAS_AwaitSNW state, *
it says: "This state shall repeatedly send Transmit ALIGN (1) messages to
the SP transmitter. If the Current SNW state machine variable is set to
Final-SNW, then this state shall send a Start SL_IR Receiver confirmation to
the link layer."
and in Section no. * Transition SL_IR_RIF1:Idle to
**it says: "This transition shall occur after both:
a) a Start SL_IR Receiver confirmation is received; and
b) an SOAF Received message is received."
So, the point of doubt is, as per my understanding, Link layer should start
receiving IDENTIFY Address Frame once PHY Layer is ready, that is, when PHY
Layer is done with OOB signalling and speed negotiation sequence. So, what's
the purpose of waiting for Start SL_IR Receiver Confirmation from PHY
Layer  to start receiving IDENTIFY Address Frame which is sent when Final
SNW is in progress. I am not able to relate the usage of this confirmation
as defined by specs.
Please help me resolve this doubt.
Thanks in anticipation.

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