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Dear John,
I have one report, one consulting item and one question.
Fuji group has started new period of Fuji Ver. 8 to discuss ODD command set
(MMC). It will expand function of some existing Command and will expand the
response data. It may not add new Command or new SK/ASC/ASCQ. We have a plan
release Rev. 1.00 on March 2011. Then it will be submitted to SFFC/T10.
We welcome any comment from you and T10 members.
Consulting item:
MMC has a unique Power Condition State that is Sleep Power Condition. It has
lowest power consumption and missing of some device context is possible.
Therefore when a device recovered from the Sleep Power Condition state the
device may report Unit Attention Condition. This is different from Stopped
Fuji group think that SPC may have a reference to MMC5 description about
Power Condition as well as the reference to SBC.
Could you discuss this in T10?
I have question about MMC6 current condition. You wrote "it is at INCITS
Management Review" in the answer email to Atishay at Oct. 28. As you know,
has some errors and no one may revise them now.
Could you explain the meaning of "INCITS Management Review"?
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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