READ (6), WRITE (6), et al.

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Wed Dec 8 15:27:57 PST 2010

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I see no real advantage in obsoleting commands that have been well known 
since 1984 *and* remain in active use today. For the random few people 
still booting microVaxen, or even SparcStation 1 (I know someone who 
still uses one as a desktop system), why shouldn't the be able to use 
modern (through appropriate electrical dongles) storage?
Will drive vendors *really* reap *substantial* cost savings with this?
> Hello,
> As capacities instorage devices haveincreased, there has been much 
> discussionabout how several commands do not have thecapability to 
> access or reflect thenew capacities.Forexample,READ (6), READ (10), 
> READ (12), WRITE(6),WRITE(10),WRITE(12),andseveral other commands can 
> not address LBAs for storage devices havingcapacitiesgreater than 
> about 2.2 TB, but there are devices today exceeding this capacity and 
> the trend only goes up and to the right.  In addition,READ (6)andREAD 
> (10)are currently mandatory commands in SBC-3.  There isevena notein 
> the table listing the commandsthatreads,"Application clients should 
> migrate from the READ (6) command to the READ (10) command and fromthe 
> WRITE (6) command to the WRITE (10) command."
> I think that, at the very least we should makeREAD (6)andREAD 
> (10)optionaland replace the note with,"Application clients should 
> migrate from the READ (6),READ (10),andREAD (12)commands to the READ 
> (16) commandand fromtheWRITE(6),WRITE(10),andWRITE(12)commandto 
> theWRITE(16)command."I go so far as recommending that all commands 
> incapable of dealing with greater than 2.2 TB be made obsolete, though 
> I could see waiting to do this until SBC-4.  Thoughts?  Comments?
> Please feel free to call or send an email to me with any comments or 
> questions that you have about this stuff.
> Regards,
> Mark Evans
> Western Digital Corporation
> 5863 Rue Ferrari
> San Jose, CA 95138
> Email:_mark.evans at wdc.com_

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