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SAS 2.1 late letter ballot resolutions:
Figures 70 and 71 were not updated to include the correct HD pin assignments
on cable assemblies.
Add sentence in as highlighted in bold and color below to satisfy
concerns raised by WD:
*Receiver device implementation is vendor specific.* A receiver device shall
provide equivalent performance to the reference receiver device (see and shall operate within the required BER when attached to:
a) any transmitter device compliant with this standard (see 5.7.4); and
b) any TxRx connection compliant with this standard (see 5.5).
In addition, there were some source figure files that were not up to date in
the original SAS 2.1 I started working from. These are editorial changes, as
the tables have the correct values and have precedence over figures:
Figure 88, page 114: Scd line should limit at -10 dB.
Figure 100, page 124: Add (V) to differential voltage on left axis.
Figure 101, page 125: remove "differential voltage" from left axis.
Figure 102: page 126: Add (V) to differential voltage on left axis.
Figure 104, page 128: change layout to have the receiver device on the left
instead of the right.
Figure 109, page 139: Show Scd22 limit at -10 dB.
Figure 111, page 141: Show Scd22 limit at -10 dB.
Figure 114, page 150: Show Scd11 limit at -10 dB.
Figure 116, page 152: Show Scd11 limit at -10 dB.
I plan to incorporate these changes and post SAS 2.1 r6 following discussion
on the teleconference.
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