New rev of SBC-3 Bitmaps of Disk Proposal posted

Roger Cummings roger_cummings at
Wed Aug 25 10:59:25 PDT 2010

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I've just posted r6 or the Bitmaps on Disk proposal for SBC-3, and it's
available from:
This revision incorporates the following:
a)	Changes requested at July 2010 CAP meeting;
b)	Updated references to sbc3r24;
c)	 Use of 'code" and "value" made consistent; 
d)	Eliminated the duplicated protection information generation
requirements from 5.3 & 5.xx and placed them in 4.x.1.1 with a reference
to that in step 4) of the two subsequent sequences.
Because a large number of references have changed from the previous
revision to this proposal as a result of changes incorporate in SBC-3
revisions 23 & 24, I've again upload this revision as a clean document
with no change bars. If anyone would like to see a version with changes
relative to the previous revision of the proposal identified, please
send me an e-mail directly. I'll also be prepared to display a version
with changes shown at the next CAP meeting if requested.
Roger Cummings
roger_cummings at

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