How should ATA/ATAPI-8 be referenced?

Ralph Weber roweber at
Sun Aug 15 07:29:32 PDT 2010

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  During the CAP meeting, I was asked to change the Protocol
Identifier for ATA/ATAPI-7 to ATA/ATAPI-8.
This does not jibe with the Normative References section of
SPC-4, and I cannot see how to fix it.
ATA/ATAPI-8 is *not* an ISO/IEC project. The closest thing
to a project in this area is ATA-8 ACS.
Some might debate whether referencing ATA-8 ACS is correct
for Protocol Identifiers. Perhaps ATA-8 AAM should be
referenced instead, but there is no ISO/IEC project for
Until an appropriate normative reference can be identified,
I have left the SPC-4 Protocol Identifiers table unmodified.
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