PL_OC confusion

Pooja Gupta poojagupta307 at
Tue Aug 10 23:50:20 PDT 2010

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I have a doubt:
Referring to spl-r07.pdf section 7.2.1
 There is one PL_OC state machine per port.
 This state machine shall maintain:
a) a pool of pending Tx Frame messages for each destination SAS address; and
b) a pool of pending Tx Open message slots. There shall only be at most a
single pending Tx Open
message slot for each destination SAS address. There may be fewer total
pending Tx Open message
slots than the total number of destination SAS addresses.
Referring to spl-r07.pdf section 4.1.4.-
A narrow port is created after transmitting and receiving SAS addresses,
unless a wide port is created.
A wide port is created from two or more physical phys if, during the
identification sequence (see 6.9), the
a) transmitted the same SAS address (see 4.2.4) that the other physical phys
in that port also
transmitted in their outgoing IDENTIFY address frames (i.e., the SAS address
is the same); and
b) received the same SAS address that the other physical phys in that port
also received in their
incoming IDENTIFY address frames (i.e., the attached SAS address is the
Clarification is required in case port(wide/narrow) all phy will have the
same destination address, then why we require
pool in pl_oc (a pool of pending Tx Open message slots)

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