Minutes of telecon reviewing 09-331

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Mon Aug 9 17:04:27 PDT 2010

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The telecon to discuss 09-331 rev. 2 (adding sanitize options to FORMAT
command) started at 10:00 am Pacific time on Monday Aug. 9.
Min-Jie Chong (Agilent)
Kevin Marks (Dell)
Ralph Weber (ENDL)
David Black (EMC)
Bill Martin (Emulex)
Dan Colgrove (Hitachi GST)
John Geldman (Lexar)
George Penokie (LSI)
Gerry Houlder (Seagate)
Jim Hatfield (Seagate)
Calvin Chen (STEC)
Michael Koffman (WD)
Nadesan Narenthiran
The version of 09-331 that was reviewed included comments previously marked
up by John Geldman. The discussion pointed out a number of editorial items
to be fixed, but included these significant suggestions for change:
a) the description of format operation details will remain in the FORMAT
command description and will not be moved to a subclause in the
initialization section, where the model for sanitize is;
b) the description of mapped or unmapped behavior will be in the FORMAT
command description and will be handled in proposal 10-233 and not in this
c) the term "crypto scramble" will be replaced with "cryptographic erase";
d) wording for response to task management functions was considered
inadequate but the group wasn't able to agree on better words.
In addition, there was discussion of whether the sanitize options should be
required to have IMMED=1. This would make the mapping to T13 commands easier
(the T13 commands run in the background, like an immediate mode FORMAT
command would) and would simplify the needed words for interaction with
resets and task management functions. Final decision on this choice is
deferred to the Sept. SAT meeting.
The telecon ended at 12:00 noon, Pacific time.

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