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Hi David,
A TRAIN_DONE pattern consists of a TRAIN_DONE sequence and 58 scrambled
The TRAIN_DONE primitive is of type REDUNDANT (not TRIPLE or EXTENDED), thus
6 (not 3) are sent in a TRAIN_DONE primitive sequence.
This is per SAS 2R16, Table 112 and Table 106. So the answer is 6 TRAIN_DONE
+ 58 scrambled dwords.
Craig Stoops
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A TRAIN or TRAIN_DONE pattern consists of 6 TRAIN or TRAIN_DONE primitives
followed by 58 dwords set to 00000000h and scrambled.
The question is, should the expected pattern be 6 consecutive TRAIN or 6
consecutive TRAIN_DONE primitives followed by 58 scrambled words, or a TRAIN
or TRAIN_DONE primitive sequence (only 3 consecutive dwords) followed by 58
scrambled dwords.
Technically, I believe it to be the latter, but I can see how it could be
interpreted to be the former.
David Brewer

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