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The below email was sent to the chairs and vice-chairs of INCITS technical
committees and task groups. Since the INCITS Procedures Board Committee is
requesting input before T10 meets again, I am soliciting your comments by
If I do not receive specific suggestions, I intend to request that all T10
numbered documents and working drafts be retained indefinitely in electronic
format. If any of you disagree, please contact me directly and/or copy the
T10 reflector.
>From: "Barra, Lynn" <lbarra at itic.org>
>To: "chairs at standards.incits.org" <chairs at standards.incits.org>,
>	 "vice-chairs at standards.incits.org"
<vice-chairs at standards.incits.org>
>Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 13:12:48 -0600
>Subject: [Chairs] For Action:	INCITS File Retention Policy Review - Request
> for Comments Due by October 20, 2009
>To INCITS TC and TG Chairs –
>The INCITS Procedures Board Committee (PBC) is reviewing the INCITS file
retention policy and procedures as reflected in the
<INCITS/RD-1">http://www.incits.org/rd1/INCITS_RD1.pdf>INCITS/RD-1, Section 1.2.1 and
<INCITS/RD-2">http://www.incits.org/rd2/INCITS_RD2.pdf>INCITS/RD-2, Section 4.5, for
possible changes.  The current file retention policy notes that the text in
the INCITS/RD-1 reads as documents are kept for five years while the text in
the INCITS/RD-2 is more subjective. 
>At their August meeting, PBC noted that consistency in a file retention
policy is important and any policy that is adopted should be followed to
avoid the appearance of any obstruction.  It was suggested that a tiered
system for document retention should be investigated.  In doing this, INCITS
should determine the types of documents it has and the useful life of each
type, noting that the technical committees should be able to keep documents
as long as necessary to effectively carry out their program of work.
>PBC further agreed that the language of the document retention policy should
be clear for both retaining and discarding documents by setting minimum and
maximum timeframes as well as what happens to documents that are never
destroyed. It was noted that the text in the INCITS/RD-2 has become out-dated
with the implementation of the ICMS and that any proposed revisions to the
file retention policy should include a review of the ANSI Essential
Requirements to ensure compliance.
>PBC established an Ad Hoc to review the current file retention policy in the
INCITS/RD-1 and INCITS/RD-2 and propose revisions and solicit input from the
technical committees.  Following the recent PBC meeting, the following action
item was assigned:
>Action Item (090813-02):  The Secretariat will solicit comments from the
technical committees regarding what documents should be retained and what
documents destroyed, and if they have any advice for the timeframes for these
>Requested Action:
>TC Chairs are requested to forward comments regarding the types of documents
that should be retained and what documents would be acceptable to destroy,
and suggestions for the timeframes in retaining and destroying documents. 
Contributions should be submitted to lbarra at itic.org
by October 20, 2009 for consideration at the next PBC meeting.
>Lynn Barra
>Director, INCITS Standards Operations
>INCITS/Information Technology Industry Council
>1101 K Street NW  Suite 610
>Washington DC	20005
>T: 202-626-5739
>E: lbarra at itic.org
>W: <www.INCITS.org">http://www.incits.org/>www.INCITS.org
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