Version Descriptor for IEEE 1667

Ralph Weber roweber at
Mon Sep 21 10:38:47 PDT 2009

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After mulling over the Westborough CAP discussion, I have started 
leaning toward defining an IEEE 1667 Version Descriptor for the 
following reasons:
    * Sure, most of the devices we are asking to support this "feature"
      do not support Version Descriptors today, but they also do not
      support VPD pages in general or VPD page 86h in particular. Is
      adding bytes to the standard INQUIRY data that much harder than
      added VPD page support?
    * Because of their standard+revision format, Version Descriptors can
      be made to have the forward compatibility checking ability which
      several involved in the problem see as critical.
    * I can add a Version Descriptor for a published IEEE standard
      without prior permission from T10 (either that or there are dozens
      of FC-FS, FC-LS, ... Version Descriptors out there which must be
      assumed to be bogus).
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