David Burg leaves storage for new horizons

David Burg daviburg at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 17 16:18:14 PDT 2009

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* David Burg <daviburg at microsoft.com>
I recently decided to join a different team at Microsoft for a new set of
responsibilities and challenges in "User Experience" (read: user interface).
Ravinder Thind at the same time is extending his scope to cover whole of the
client storage technologies, including the CD DVD and BD storage devices
which I covered so far. Ope Aladekomo will remain a PM for this technology
and more.
So it is time to say goodbye. Good luck in achieving zero power optical disk
drives and whatever cool new things the future will bring.
My work e-mail address will remain unchanged, so although I will unregister
|from T10 and Mt Fuji reflectors, you will still be able to reach me.
With regards,
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