RBC on 6TiB device?

David F. support at terabyteunlimited.com
Mon Sep 21 09:23:35 PDT 2009

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Thank You.
Okay, so this would be considered a bug in the device or is this acceptable
for a device to do?
I'm looking for some reliably way to know if to send Read16/Write16 and need
to know at the time the device is checked out (including device that may not
have media inserted - which mean read capacity won't work because many
devices fail with no media inserted).
I didn't find any general mandatory command to check if a command is
supported except for 0xA3, but that always failed check for READ16 / WRITE16
even on devices that supported it (unless I did something wrong):
  BYTE paramdata[4];
  memset(paramdata, 0, sizeof(paramdata));
  BYTE cdb[12];
  memset(cdb, 0, sizeof(cdb));
  cdb[0]=SCSIcmdMaintIn; // 0xA3
  cdb[1]=0xC; // service action
  cdb[2]=1;   // report type
  BOOL result;
  if ((result=SendCommand(.) ))!=FALSE) {
    // check if supported
    if ((paramdata[1]&0x7)<3) {
  // return to caller
  if (cdbsize) {
  return result;
David F.
TeraByte Unlimited
From: Penokie, George [mailto:George.Penokie at lsi.com] 
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 6:44 AM
To: David F.; t10 at t10.org
Subject: RE: RBC on 6TiB device?
No, RBC has not been changed, there is currently no RBC-2 project, and there
are currently no plans for one in the future.
Bye for now, 
George Penokie 
LSI Corporation 
3033 41st St. NW 
Suite 100 
Rochester, MN 55901 
george.penokie at lsi.com 
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To: t10 at t10.org
Subject: RBC on 6TiB device?
Has the RBC command set been changed to support Read16 / Write16 ?   If so,
what version?
I've got a 6TiGB device connected via 1394 reporting that it uses the RBC
command set.
TeraByte Unlimited

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