SPL question - START STOP Unit command in the Active_Wait state

Bill.Martin at emulex.com Bill.Martin at emulex.com
Thu Sep 17 10:46:23 PDT 2009

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In SPL, there is a lack of direction in the Active_Wait state related to the
START STOP UNIT command with START_VALID and the START bit set or ACTIVE.  I
have discussed this with a few people, and have gotten a few different
answers.  The issue is that the Active_Wait state discusses what to do with
any other version of the START STOP UNIT command, and if you enter the
Active_Wait state from the standby state, stopped state, or Idle_Wait state
because of a START STOP UNIT command with the POWER CONDITION field set to
START_VALID and the START bit set or with the POWER CONDITION field set to
ACTIVE, then the device server shall not complete the command until this
state machine reaches the SA_PC_1:Active state.  There is no indication of
what should be done with the START STOP UNIT command with these two
conditions if it is received while in the Active_Wait state.  This situation
can arise if the Active_Wait is entered after power on.
I am looking for collective wisdom on what the right answer is.  May the
device server immediately respond with GOOD status without exiting this
state?	Is there somewhere else in the specification that requires that the
device server shall be in the Active state before responding with GOOD
Status?  I have not been able to find the second of these conditions.
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