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John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at t10.org
Wed Sep 9 16:12:34 PDT 2009

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T10 mirroring is changing. In order to complete the last step in complying
with INCITS access control requirements, T10.org mirroring will only be
available to T10 members.
If you are using the T10 mirroring files, you will need to make a few
changes. The old method will be turned off Monday September 21, 2009.
I have cleaned up most of the html issues, so personal mirror sites will look
more like the public site.
You will need to retrieve the t10 mirroring zip files from a new ftp account,
ftp.t10.org">t10mirror at ftp.t10.org</a>. If you are a T10 member, you can obtain the password
for this new ftp account using this link:
Details of how to set up a T10 Personal Mirror Site are available at:
Please note that T10 members can set up a personal mirror site on their
machine or on a server only accessible to members of their organization.
Mirror sites do not have all the features available at www.t10.org, but you
can access proposals and working drafts without dealing with access controls
-- this feature alone my be worth the trouble of setting up a mirror site for
your organization.
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