[MtFuji] SATA cabcon proposal for Zero Power ODD effort

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Tue Sep 1 23:35:32 PDT 2009

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Hi Brian, this is an additional two comments.
Comment #2 for legacy drive:
---- page 5 ----
Device implementation of this feature is optional and if supported, the
shall set the appropriate bit in the IDENTIFY PACKET DEVICE data structure to
inform the host it supports this capability.  (See section 13.2 for details).
If the device doesn’t implement the feature the device shall present a
resistance greater than 100 Kilohm (+/- 10%).
I think this is an optional feature, therefore the 2nd paragraph of above may
Pioneer's some legacy drive used MD pin as TTL level RS-232C output. So a
system that can support this feature should turn this feature off with legacy
Comment #3 for host setting at power-on state of drive:
For this purpose, the Device Attention signal should be detected by host at
power-off state of drive. If host has mask capability of DA pin of host, host
may stop the DA pin function of host at power-on state of drive.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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