SBC-3 - Verify CDB - Unrecovered Read Error

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Tue Sep 1 14:50:28 PDT 2009

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Consider a Verify CDB that fails with a sense code 1100h (Unrecovered read
error).  The drive returns the "Valid" bit set in the sense data and puts
the LBA where the error was detected in the "Information" field of the sense
Question is this.  In reviewing SBC-3, I cannot find where it explicitly
states that this is the expected / required behavior.  The closest I could
find was for the Reassign Blocks CDB which states:
"If the REASSIGN BLOCKS command failed due to an unexpected unrecovered read
error that would cause the loss of data in a logical block not specified in
the defective LBA list, then the LBA of the logical block with the
unrecovered read error shall be returned in the INFORMATION field of the
sense data and the VALID bit shall be set to one."
Have I missed something in SBC-3?  Thank you.
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