T10 review of SNIA HSI whitepaper

Knight, Frederick Frederick.Knight at netapp.com
Thu Oct 22 07:43:10 PDT 2009

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As discussed at the September T10 meeting in Boston, the SNIA HSI TWG
has been working on a document that describes several SPC/SBC commands
(specifically XCOPY, UNMAP, and WRITE SAME (with UNMAP).
The SNIA HSI TWG has requested that T10 be solicited to provide comments
and feedback on the whitepaper.  Note, that this whitepaper is more of
an introduction/overview to these operations, describing some common use
cases, and how these commands might be used to satisfy the requirements
of those use cases; and refers to the actual T10 standard for the
technical details.
Document 09-375 has been posted which contains this request, and a
pointer to the SNIA document.
or, the SNIA document can be accessed directly at:
		Fred Knight

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