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We would like to clarify some points regarding the Training SNW.
>From page 301 of T10/1760-D Revision 16 specs: Transition SP29:SAS_Train to SP30:SAS_TrainingDone
This transition shall occur if:
a) the TLT timer has not expired;
b) this state receives a Training Completed message;
c) dword synchronization is acquired; and
d) this state receives a TRAIN Received message or a TRAIN_DONE Received
If a TRAIN_DONE Received message was received, then the transition shall
include a TRAIN_DONE
Received argument.
Question #1:
What conditions should be met before the SP_SM receiver sends a Training
Completed message?
Does Training Completed mean that a TRAIN_PATTERN has been received and
Question #2:
What happens if this scenario occurs?
à While the phy is transmitting a TRAIN_PATTERN, the receiver detects a
TRAIN_DONE pattern.
(no TRAIN_PATTERN is ever received from the attached phy). Is it OK to
transition to SAS_TrainingDone?
Or does the phy really have to wait for a TRAIN_PATTERN.
Thank you
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