SFF-8449, SFF-8636 Conference Call Minutes, October 15, 2009

Olawsky, Barry Barry.Olawsky at hp.com
Wed Oct 21 08:42:01 PDT 2009

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Minutes of SFF-8636, SFF-8449 conference call October 15, 2009
Mr. Mickey Felton			    EMC
Mr. Elwood Parsons			  Foxconn Electronics
Mr. Barry Olawsky			    Hewlett Packard Co.
Mr. Gourgen Oganessyan		  Intersil
Mr. Tom Palkert 			      Luxtera
Mr. Kevin Witt					 Maxim Semiconductor
Mr. Michael Rost			      Molex Inc.
Mr. Chris Fore					 NetApp
Mr. Bob Clark					  NetApp
Mr. Mathieu Gagnon		       PMC-Sierra
Mr. Alvin Cox					  Seagate Technology
Mr. Peter Bauphman		       TycoElectronics
Mr. Matt Davis					Zarlink Semiconductor
?? in attendance
Discuss proposed content for SFF-8636 (Common Management Interface) and
SFF-8449 (Mini Multilane Series Management Interface). SFF-8436 (QSFP+ Copper
and Optical Transceiver) is to be used as a basis for SFF-8636.
Barry Olawsky (HP) shared a draft of the two-wire interface protocol portion
of SFF-8636. The first issue that was identified was a lack of a clear and
multi-purpose definition of reset. Since different referencing standards (of
SFF-8636) may utilize a combination of different reset mechanisms (protocol,
discrete hardware signal and as a last resort cycling the power to the free
side of the interface) all have to be clearly defined.
The next area of discussion was the addressing mechanism. The draft implied
an addressing scheme identical to what is available with most commercial
EEPROM devices (1010b nibble followed by a three bits that select 256 byte
blocks). It was quickly noted that such an addressing scheme was discussed in
prior standards using the two-wire interface for cable management and voted
down. Since the preference is to maintain compatibility with previous
implementations Barry agreed to modify the draft to only include the paging
mechanism for addressing memory above the first 128 bytes.
As the discussion of the timing tables continued, Tom Palkert (Luxtera)
pointed out that the modsel timing specification was missing. Barry noted
that the SFF-8636 draft was created from an SFF-8449 draft which did not
include modsel. Since SFF-8636 must support all legacy designs the draft will
need to be modified with the QSFP+ draft as a guideline.
The meeting adjourned at ~11:30AM CDT
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