SFF-8449, SFF-8636 Conference Call Minutes, October 8, 2009

Olawsky, Barry Barry.Olawsky at hp.com
Sat Oct 17 11:18:43 PDT 2009

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Minutes of SFF-8636, SFF-8449 conference call October 8, 2009
Mr. Greg McSorley		Amphenol
Mr. Jim McGrath 	Cinch
Mr. Mickey Felton		EMC
Mr. Elwood Parsons	Foxconn Electronics		    
Mr. Barry Olawsky		Hewlett Packard Co.
Mr. Harvey Newman		LSI Corp 
Mr. Brad Besmer 	LSI Corp.		      
Mr. Galen Fromm 	Molex Inc.			    
Mr. Michael Rost		Molex Inc.
Mr. Chris Fore		NetApp	      
Mr. Dan Smith		Seagate Technology		       
Mr. Benoit Mercier	STMicroelectonics
Mr. Scott Shuey 	TycoElectronics 		    
Mr. Toney Chew		Volex, Inc.			  
Mr. Atul Sharma 	Volex, Inc.
Mr. Michael Koffman	Western Digital Technology
16 in attendance
Discuss proposed content for SFF-8636 (Common Management Interface) and
SFF-8449 (Mini Multilane Series Management Interface). SFF-8436 (QSFP+ Copper
and Optical Transceiver) is to be used as a basis for SFF-8636.
Barry Olawsky (HP) shared a block diagram of the fixed/free side interface.
Comments from the previous conference call suggesting that the diagram
clearly indicate which portions of the fixed/free side interface are within
the scope of SFF-8636 were incorporated.
Barry proposed limiting the scope of SFF-8636 to the 2-wire management
interface protocol and memory map while excluding physical layer details of
the high-speed serial, management and power supply interfaces. Chris Fore
(NetApp) recommended inclusion of the timing diagrams. Barry agreed that
doing so was necessary. Chris also recommended the inclusion of text in 8636
to make the reader aware that physical layer details are included in
documents referencing 8636 (for example, SFF-8449). This would also explain
how SFF-8636 should be utilized.
The meeting adjourned at ~10:45AM CDT
Call schedule:
Upcoming conference calls: October 15 (past) and 22 2009
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Topic: SAS-2.1 PHY WG 
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Time: 10:00 am, Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00, Chicago) 
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