Log page consistency

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I am not comfortable adding a list of which commands to which the counters 
apply.	For one, probably the least important reason, a list of commands 
if desired would belong in the command set standards.
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t10 at t10.org
10/07/2009 08:08 AM
Re: Log page consistency
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My suggestion for achieving this goal would be:
(a) have an overview clause that introduces the four log pages and 
includes a generic "log page header with a number of parameters" table and 
a generic "parameter descriptor with header and parameter bytes" table.
(b) Have 4 sub-clauses, one for each log page, that consist of a parameter 
table (i.e., a table showing each parameter number and parameter 
description in a row of the table) and a unique description of each 
parameter. The parameter descriptions (or maybe boilerplate at the start 
of each sub-clause) should include a list of commands for which the 
counters apply; we may need to decide whether to include such new commands 
like ORWRITE and nuclear Test and Set in these lists. We may have to 
re-establish whether each counter applies to bytes transferred over the 
interface or to bytes transferred to/ from the medium (I think we intended 
"transferred over the interface" but that isn't clear in the existing 
(c) We may want to sprinkle in some implementation guidance. For example, 
recommend that parameter lengths be a multiple of four and perhaps 
recommend a minimum parameter length for each parameter. This is new 
material needs discussion at a CAP meeting.
Ralph Weber <roweber at IEEE.org>
Ralph Weber <roweber at IEEE.org> 
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10/06/2009 04:39 PM
"'t10 at t10.org'" <t10 at t10.org>
Log page consistency
* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
One of the recently espoused goals it to "describe all
log pages consistently".
This goal might be taken to mean that each and every
log page should be described in a separate subclause.
If this interpretation of the goal is applied to SPC-4,
then the subclause numbered 7.2.5 in r22 will become
four subclauses each with approximately the same content.
Does anybody care to express an opinion on the goal
and/or its interpretation?
All the best,
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