SAS-2.1 STATEYE Code. Reference Transmitter/Receiver Device Termination

Scot Baumgartner scotb at
Fri Oct 2 11:43:27 PDT 2009

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There is something that I am confused about.	I expected the Reference 
Transmitter Device Termination (TxRefTerm.s4p) and the Reference Receiver 
Device Termination (RxRefTerm.s4p) to be used in the SAS-2.1 Annex C 
StatEye code.	  But it is not.   
Is the user expected to add these, or equivalent,  to their own version of 
the StatEye code? 
--- Some Notes.  From  sas21-r04.pdf  ----- 
- pg 130, Section 5.6.5 TxRx connection characteristics. 
  "Simulation results using: 
   b) the reference transmitter device 
   c) the reference receiver device 
- pg 158.  Section Reference transmitter device characteristics 
  Reference TX Device is used for TxRx connection compliance testing. 
 TxRefTerm.s4p is part of Reference TX Device 
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