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Ralph Weber roweber at
Fri Oct 2 11:21:06 PDT 2009

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The cited text was removed in SPC-4 r12 in response to
the following proposal:
I suspect that the authors of that proposal felt that the
needed information was covered in the new 5.11.2 (Retrieving
error history with the READ BUFFER command) subclause which
has been promoted to 5.12.2 in SPC-4 r22:
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Payne_Robert at wrote:
> Section 6.15.5 of SPC-3 included the following:
> "If there is no buffer associated with the specified buffer ID, the 
> device server shall return all zeros in the READ BUFFER descriptor."
> I recently noticed that the current draft of SPC-4 does not include 
> this text. 
> I am looking for background information on why this text is missing 
> from SPC-4.
> Best Regards,
> Robert Payne
> Senior Software Engineer
> Global Platform Software

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