SFF-8449, SFF-8636 Conference Call Minutes, November 19, 2009

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Mon Nov 23 14:40:52 PST 2009

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Minutes of SFF-8636, SFF-8449 conference call November 19, 2009
Mr. Mickey Felton		EMC
Mr. Doug Wagner 	FCI
Mr. Barry Olawsky		Hewlett Packard
Mr. Brad Besmer 	LSI Corp.
Mr. Harvey Newman		LSI Corp.
Mr. Tom Palkert 	Luxtera
Mr. Galen Fromm 	Molex Inc.
Mr. Jitendra Mohan	National Semiconductor
Mr. Bob Clark		NetApp
Mr. Tim Simons		PMC-Sierra
Mr. Alvin Cox		Seagate Technology
Mr. Joel Meyers 	Tyco Electronics
12 in attendance
Discuss proposed content for SFF-8636 (Common Management Interface) and
SFF-8449 (Mini Multilane Series Management Interface). SFF-8436 (QSFP+ Copper
and Optical Transceiver) is to be used as a basis for SFF-8636.
The discussion began with Barry Olawsky (HP) summarizing t10 proposal
09-397r0 to modify the two-wire interface in order to increase the memory map
size. Mickey Felton (EMC) presented an alternate proposal (09-398r0) to
reassign existing base page locations for cable/module characteristics.
During the ensuing discussion Brad Besmer (LSI) suggested making the map
context sensitive and interpret memory map blocks differently based upon the
connector interface and/or high speed serial interface used. Brad argued that
this approach would free up large amounts of space for future implementations
while not requiring any changing to the two-wire protocol.
The group conducted a vote to select one approach going forward. The results
1)	09-397 (1 vote)
2)	09-398 (4 votes)
3)	Abstain (6 votes)
The meeting adjourned shortly at 11AM CDT. Due to the resumption of PHY
meetings for letter ballot resolution the next meeting will be on Tuesday,
December 1st.
Call schedule:
Upcoming conference calls: December 1, 2009
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