SFF-8449, SFF-8636 Conference Call Minutes, November 5, 2009

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Mon Nov 9 19:04:02 PST 2009

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Minutes of SFF-8636, SFF-8449 conference call November 5, 2009
Mr. Min-Jie Chong		Agilent Technologies
Mr. Greg McSorley		Amphenol
Ms. Rita Horner 	Avago
Mr. Jim McGrath 	Cinch
Mr. Mickey Felton		EMC
Mr. Doug Wagner 	FCI
Mr. Elwood Parsons	Foxconn Electronics		    
Mr. Barry Olawsky		Hewlett Packard
Mr. Brad Besmer 	LSI Corp.
Mr. Harvey Newman		LSI Corp.
Mr. Tom Palkert 	Luxtera
Mr. Michael Rost		Molex Inc.
Mr. Galen Fromm 	Molex Inc.
Mr. Jitendra Mohan	National Semiconductor
Mr. Bob Clark		NetApp	    
Mr. Tim Simons		PMC-Sierra
Mr. Alvin Cox		Seagate Technology	
Mr. Joel Meyers 	Tyco Electronics
Mr. Scott Shuey 	Tyco Electronics		     
Mr. Larry McMillan	Western Digital Technology
Mr. Michael Koffman	Western Digital Technology
21 in attendance
Discuss proposed content for SFF-8636 (Common Management Interface) and
SFF-8449 (Mini Multilane Series Management Interface). SFF-8436 (QSFP+ Copper
and Optical Transceiver) is to be used as a basis for SFF-8636.
The discussion began with Barry Olawsky (HP) showing a marked up version of
the SFF-8636 draft presented on October 22. The document included a new
"fixed vs. free" definition based on the SFF-8644 draft. Jim McGrath (Cinch)
commented that the EIA reference probably should be IEC.
After various comments on the SFF-8636 draft, Barry gave a brief presentation
on calculating the propagation delay of copper bulk cable. The data indicated
that twin-axial bulk cable velocity can vary from 90 to 65% of the free space
speed. For active copper cables, this variation can yield a propagation delay
variation over 20ns.
After an active discussion on the analysis, Barry displayed tables of the
first 256 bytes of the memory map. Two of the tables were color coded to
indicate the limited space available within page 00.
The meeting adjourned shortly after 11AM CDT due to a meeting conflict for
several attendees. Barry indicated that he would arrive with a proposal to
alleviate the space constraints at the t10 physical layer meeting on November
Next Meeting: T10 SAS Physical Layer Meeting, November 10
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