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Craig Stoops craig at expertio.com
Tue Mar 31 17:30:49 PDT 2009

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Hi George,
In your posting of 09-063r1 today,  section has the timer changed
|from SNLT to SNTT from the original 2008 proposal.
1) Is this in fact correct that the timer is changed
2) If so, there is still a reference to SNLT in (a), I assume this
should also be SNTT. 
    If SNLT in this section is correct, then SNLT is missing initialization
(starting) and any consequent actions on SNLT expiring in the PS states.
Secondly, regarding section "footnote" of:
"Receipt of the ALIGN Received (1) message indicates that the connected phy
has been able to achieve dword synchronization with the previously
negotiated settings."
1) Does this only apply to the transition and not to the
transition to ALIGN1 state? Ie ALIGN0 state can transition to ALIGN
regardless of DWS sync?
   If so, I would like to suggest that maybe just "a" should just
    "a) If the DWS is synced, and this state receives an ALIGN Received (1)
message before the SNTT timer expires..."
    because other places in the phy spec the ALIGN Received message does not
imply the DWS is synced. I think it would be clearer and more consistent.
Please advise
Craig Stoops
ExpertIO, Inc. - "Your Storage Protocol Verification Experts"

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