[MtFuji] MMC / Mt Fuji: 8 bytes and 4 bytes flavors of 'No Event'

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Mon Mar 30 21:41:47 PDT 2009

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Hi david and Mike,
* Immed bit
Fuji spec says that if this bit is set to 0 and the device does not support
queuing the command shall be terminated as Check Condition. This is same with
MMC. Bill changed just name from Immed to Polled. They are same.
* the error reporting
I believe no device will report an error on Immed=0. Because Win98/ME do not
this bit to 1 any time. Some drive test system in PC/ODD venders still use
Win98, then any ODD that does not support queing will ignore this bit.
* no change event
NEA means no event is available to report. So some drive may use NEA=1 when
device has no (new) event to be reported. To detect supported Event you may
check "Supported Classes" field in Event Header. You need not use try and
error method.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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