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USB requires that each phase of the command be configured separately.  This
is the case for both BOT and UAS.  BOT requires that the Bulk-in pipe be
configured for both read commands and status returns separately from the
Bulk-out pipe which is used for commands and write data.  At the lowest
levels, all these operations need to be configured.  The place where this
configuration is comprehended will vary by driver stack.  UAS is architected
to take advantage of USB-3 controllers which are capable of holding multiple
requests on the host side.  This removes the single threaded aspect which is
present in BOT.
Actually, there are more than the 3 cases, depending on what you are doing
you may need bi directional commands.  I am not sure about your
implementation, but you may also need something separate for task management
as well.
Typically, a storage driver receives a request that is translated into a
physical command at some point.  The command may be created within the
higher level driver, or in a layer below.  Whatever creates the commands
usually provides additional information to the lower layers including
length, direction and a buffer pointer.  The UAS driver takes this
information and uses it to create transactions on the USB-2 and USB-3 buses.
If you are taking the approach of modifying a BOT driver into a UAS driver
you may want to rethink your strategy.	UAS is architected to allow you to
replace the lowest level SAS driver with a UAS driver.
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Hi All,
I'm a linux device driver developer. I was looking at UAS
specification document. I have basic question from a driver developer
perspective. Pardon me if this is not the right question that needs to
be asked at this place.
The command sequence diagram for non-data, data-in or data-out has a
different sequence of communication. Does the driver developer need to
determine type of SCSI command and then handle appropriate command
if <read> SCSI command
	handle data-in command sequece
if <write> SCSI command
	handle data-out command sequece
anything else
	handle non-data command sequence
The existing BOT protocol does not require to know the type of SCSI
command, it just fills command block wrapper and gets respose in
command status wrapper.
Thanks in Advance.
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