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Here is IBM's view and position on the Mini SAS proposals:
IBM's position on the high density SAS connector definition prefers the 
Molex solution subject to providing some additional information:
   - Current reasons for the preference:
	     - Wiring, PCB, and placement constraints appear to be more 
feasible with the Molex solution.  Specifically
		     - Other proposals indicate that the wiring channels 
needs to cross over each other to get to the connector
		     - This drives more layers in the board and 
constraints on the physical channels
	     - The connector arrangement in 1 dimensional scale out 
provides the following:
		     - Smaller footprint on the board
		     - Takes advantage of the perpendicular axis to the 
board for connector pins and such.
		     - Less connector complexity (aka cost) since no 
		     - No "over/under" issues on extracting a subset of 
ports  (ie easy user access to the port group...aka stays away from the 
issues with stacked RJ45s)
	     - Although common to all proposals, it should be required 
that this connector be supported for 6G and 12G operations
		     - Having it for 6G would allow platforms over the 
next couple of years to have a connector/cable scheme that last beyond 6G.
   - The additional information that needs to be provided/resolved:
	     - The connectors should be keyed to prevent wrong or flipped 
	     - The connectors should be shielded on all sides to prevent 
physical damage and EMI issues
	     - The number of plug cycles intended for this family of 
connectos needs to be stated and should probably be on par with the plug 
cycles of the current connector schemes.
	     - There needs to be an addition to the proposal to allow 
hybrid cables so that equipment with older connectors can be attached to 
equipement with this new connector.
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