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In response to the question sent on the reflector:
FCP-4 folks: FC-LS requires that ?The value of the Parameter field in the 
Frame_Header of an REC ELS and an LS_ACC in response to an REC ELS shall 
be specified by the FC-4 that sends the frame.? FCP-4 specifies the value 
of the Parameter field for the ELS but not for the LS_ACC.
What do people actually do for the LS_ACC? Is it consistent enough to say 
something in FCP-4?
The parameter field of LS_ACC is the same as the parameter field of REC 
ELS, unless an error occurs internal to the tape drive which requires the 
entire command to be redriven.	In that case, the parameter field of the 
LS_ACC is set to zero to indicate an FCP_RO of zero.  The intent is for 
the initiator port to discard any previously received data and redrive the 
command by sending an SRR with a relative offset of zero.
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