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The late Bob Snively, T11 Chair, wrote the below letter to explain to T11
people why they need to stay in the T11 meeting hotels at the group rate. In
today's economy, his words are even more true for both T10 and T11. I cannot
say it any better than Bob did; we need to support our meeting hosts. -- John
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March 10, 2003
To:	Travel management organization for T11 member
From:	Robert Snively
	Chair, INCITS Technical Committee T11
	Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
	1745 Technology Drive
	San Jose, CA 95110
RE:	Hotel Stays for T11 meetings
Volunteers from among the T11 membership host T11 meetings. The cost of
hosting such events is very high, significantly
more than any host can budget for such activities. Instead of a meeting fee,
most hosts negotiate a contract with the hotel
by which a portion of the revenue obtained from the room charge is allocated
to cover the cost of the meeting rooms. The
contracted room rate is usually predicated on a minimum number of hotel rooms
occupied for a certain number of nights.
Note that meeting fees would be much higher than the contracted room rate
because T11 is a volunteer organization
composed entirely of engineering people. It does not have the administrative
support necessary to administer a meeting fee.
It is important that all attendees, except those who live locally, register
and stay in the hotel selected by the host at the T11
contracted room rate so that each member contributes the proper share of the
meeting fees and so that the member's room
nights are counted in the required room night total.
While competing hotels and rates are surely available, it is vital to T11's
hosts that all attendees stay at the meeting hotel
and at the contracted meeting room rate.
This official notification of the requirement to use T11 hotels and T11 room
rates while attending T11 meetings should be
transmitted to your travel management organizations if required. Your
organization may contact me if there are any
Sincerely yours,
Robert Snively
Chair, INCITS TC T11
rsnively at brocade.com
408 779 4321

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