zoning Load step clarification

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Fri Mar 6 07:28:31 PST 2009

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Yep, fair enough.  I guess another way to look at it is that an expander 
*could* temporarily return OPEN_REJECT (RETRY) any time it wants for 
just about any reason, and this is no exception.  I'm good with it.
Greg Tabor
Maxim Integrated Products
greg.tabor at maxim-ic.com
On Friday 6 March 2009 8:14:22 am Johnson, Steve wrote:
> I was trying not to assume any particular implementation and as far
> as the spec goes simply attempting to be consistent with following
> the rules of what to do when modifying route tables.
> Steve Johnson
> LSI Storage Components Group
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> Steve,
> With regard to your statement:
> > CONFIGURE ZONE PHY INFORMATION can change the zone group of a phy/s
> > this may require route table updates throughout the topology.
> > During these route table changes it is possible that OPEN_REJECT
> > (NO DESTINATION) could temporarily be encountered. Therefore we
> > still need to handle the NO DESTINATION case.
> I don't really understand how that could happen unless an expander
> has to rearrange its hardware route table in the process of changing
> the zone group for one or more of its entries.  Are you asserting
> that that may be required - perhaps hardware dependent, or am I
> missing something in my fundamental understanding of how this works? 
> In any case, I'm willing to concede the point.  I'm OK with your
> suggestion.
> Greg
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