zoning Load step clarification

Greg Tabor greg.tabor at maxim-ic.com
Thu Mar 5 16:39:50 PST 2009

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With regard to your statement:
> CONFIGURE ZONE PHY INFORMATION can change the zone group of a phy/s
> this may require route table updates throughout the topology. During
> these route table changes it is possible that OPEN_REJECT (NO
> DESTINATION) could temporarily be encountered. Therefore we still
> need to handle the NO DESTINATION case.
I don't really understand how that could happen unless an expander has 
to rearrange its hardware route table in the process of changing the 
zone group for one or more of its entries.  Are you asserting that that 
may be required - perhaps hardware dependent, or am I missing something 
in my fundamental understanding of how this works?  In any case, I'm 
willing to concede the point.  I'm OK with your suggestion.
Greg Tabor
Maxim Integrated Products
greg.tabor at maxim-ic.com
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