zoning Load step clarification

Greg Tabor greg.tabor at maxim-ic.com
Sun Mar 1 07:45:05 PST 2009

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In the Load step section of SAS-2, it states:
"While the ZONE CONFIGURING bit is set to one, the expander device shall 
return OPEN_REJECT (RETRY) for any connection requests that would 
otherwise have resulted in OPEN_REJECT (NO DESTINATION) (see"
Should that read:
"...that would otherwise have resulted in OPEN_REJECT (ZONE VIOLATION)" 
If the existing text is correct, why would an expander return 
OPEN_REJECT (NO DESTINATION) during the zoning Load step?  During this 
time the ZPT is being updated, not the route table (right?), so a 
transient condition in the ZPT would potentially result in the expander 
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