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Shuey, Scott scott.shuey at tycoelectronics.com
Tue Mar 3 05:30:15 PST 2009

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Tyco Electronics would like to thank members of the T10 SAS Phy community for
reviewing and providing feedback/questions about our proposal back to Tyco
Electronics.  In a similar effort, Tyco Electronics has taken the opportunity
to review the proposals posted to the T10 Reflector on February 20.  In the
latest Molex presentation (posted 20 Feb 09) Molex makes several comparisons
to and statements about the Tyco Electronics proposal for the new High
Density Mini SAS connector system.  While we believe several of these
comparisons/statements are intentionally misleading, there are also several
statements that are simply untrue.  At the next face-to-face meeting, Tyco
Electronics will provide details about our proposal and the inaccuracies
shared by other proposals, as it relates to the Tyco Electronics solution. 
We want to ensure the voting members of T10 have the necessary factual and
accurate information to make an informed decision for the next generation
Mini-SAS interconnect solutions.  For the latest and most accurate
information about the Tyco Electronics' High Density Mini SAS connector
system, please refer to T10 09-014r2 posted 20 Feb 09.	If anyone has any
questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Scott Shuey at
+1.717.592.3371 or email to
scott.shuey at tycoelectronics.com.
See you in Oklahoma City.
Kind Regards,
Scott A. Shuey
Sr. Standards Engineer
Communications & Industrial Solutions (CIS)
3101 Fulling Mill Rd.
Middletown, Pa 17057
M.S. 128-51
phone: 717-592-3371
fax: 717-985-2833
cell: 717-215-6808
e-mail: scott.shuey at tycoelectronics.com
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