Fuji group email voting notice of Zero Power proposal discussion

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Fri Jun 5 03:38:27 PDT 2009

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Hello all,
I would like to announce Fuji group email voting notice according to the Item
9.1 Zero power Proposal of June meeting minutes.
 ftp.avc-pioneer.com/Mtfuji_7/Mtfuji_7/Minutes/DraftMin Jun09.pdf
Because a motion is required to discuss a proposal. Refer to the rule of Fuji
 ftp.avc-pioneer.com/Mtfuji_7/rule/Mt. Fuji 7 Rules Accepted.zip
Due date (end date) of this voting is July 3rd of Japan time.
As a Chair of Fuji group I would like to propose to have a teleconference as
described at Item 9.1. Because attendees of June meeting had some questions
Zero Power proposal. Horiuchi-san of Lenovo will kindly provide WebEx and
teleconference facility for us.
Brian, could you tell us your favorite meeting date.
The meeting date and time should be JST 10:00-12:00/ PST 18:00-20:00 on last
week of June. And it should not be a holiday of Japan.
Please send any comment or question to me or to reflector.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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