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Hi Kevin,
The statement of concern that you noted below is also found in Read, 
Read Reverse, and Space commands.
There is also an interesting note 27 & 38 in the Write commands about 
EOP and Medium Error.
As far as Sun T10k tape drives the only time we will report the EOP as 
Medium Error is if the host
does a Read type command after completing a full DSE. Other than that we 
report Blank Check.
Dale LaFollette
Kevin D Butt wrote:
> Tape guru's, in both the LOCATE(10) and LOCATE(16) commands the 
> following statement is found:
> <<If end-of-partition is encountered, CHECK CONDITION status shall be 
> returned, the sense key shall be set to MEDIUM ERROR, and the sense 
> data EOM bit shall be set to one.>>
> It seems to me to be very poor to return MEDIUM ERROR instead of BLANK 
> CHECK.  A user should not be told the medium is bad.	This could cause 
> them to call service when in fact, the error was not medium related. 
>  SCSI-2 did not have this statement.	It was introduced in SSC and 
> therefore has been there for a while.  Do other tape devices actually 
> return a MEDIUM ERROR instead of BLANK CHECK?
> Thanks,
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