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All HP LTO drives ever shipped report BLANK CHECK.
All HP DDS drives ever shipped report BLANK CHECK.
I don't think reporting MEDIUM ERROR is a good idea.
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  Subject: SSC-3: Locate, MEDIUM ERROR & BLANK CHECK
  Tape guru's, in both the LOCATE(10) and LOCATE(16) commands the following
statement is found: 
  <<If end-of-partition is encountered, CHECK CONDITION status shall be
returned, the sense key shall be set to MEDIUM ERROR, and the sense data EOM
bit shall be set to one.>> 
  It seems to me to be very poor to return MEDIUM ERROR instead of BLANK
CHECK.	A user should not be told the medium is bad.  This could cause them
to call service when in fact, the error was not medium related.  SCSI-2 did
not have this statement.  It was introduced in SSC and therefore has been
there for a while.  Do other tape devices actually return a MEDIUM ERROR
instead of BLANK CHECK? 
  Kevin D. Butt
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